traction of the uterus at the moment, occasioned their rupture.
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the value of your apparatus, and render the relief of pain more
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This all may have happened ; but we presume most of his readers have
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texture, forming, in the language of the bake-house, the sponge.
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below that line towards congestion, I would distinguish it as con*
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of the Epidemics of the present year, to be submitted at the next regular
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moreover, convinced that this has been already demonstrated by
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some loss of control over the memory. When he endeavored to recall any
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very little attention. A few frogs thrown in once a week will supply five
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three inches and more shorter. The above amount of shortening
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ly clutched between its legs, and adroitly elevating its terminal
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the rectum, there is a redundancy of loose skin around the anus — ■
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from her mouth. One or two thoracic convulsions were observed,
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energy of action, it is certainly a matter of no small importance
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external oblique over it, the skin being closed over this. This
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through violence is not nearly so common ; and when
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the female system." We trust that the learned and laborious au-
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proximity of the joint, it was feared that the disease had ex-
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Case II. J. IT., a middle aged laboring man, was suffering
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if, in standing, a man were to raise his heel two or three inches
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pital during the past two years. By Thomas M. Markoe, M. D.,
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disease's ; On disturbed balance of circulation and metastasis of dis-
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the irritation caused by the urine ; and the irritation of the fistula
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a few^ selected questions to form a fairly accurate view as to the
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my warmest sympathies and command my active co-opperation. I
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7. The violence of the first symptoms continues from a few minutes to a
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gives these cases. He says of it, "It is safe, simple, and
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brandy. If they are poisons, they are so slow that the life of
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great source of embarrassment and danger in operative midwifery,
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opening of the capsular ligament is noticed by many surgeons
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hours after, the anodyne dose prescribed in case 1st, every four
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form. It occupies the same tissues "and is first indicated by a
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epilepsy and of the Class of convulsive diseases, as observed in
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inches in length, and not far from an inch in diameter,— enter-
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miles without being under the necessity of relieving the bladder.