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before the Ordinary Meeting of their Section, three to form a quorum.

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and he had tried many varieties of local treatment. He

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in the form of tablets, with directions for the amount

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na! wall by pulling out the cystocele through trac-

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not appear in the 1987 code book, but had been used in previous editions.

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pass through normal pregnancies and labour. It is best

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think that the catheter offered any impediment in tongur

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that the disease seen in this country can be due to such a cause, or

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■curd of milk). Thorax normal. Abdomen not distended.

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already far along, has its determinants more or less

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rather too low down, as the ureter, he thought, could be ex-

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New York Microscopical Society ; Brooklyn Medical So-

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tion : first we have a million, then a billion, then a trillion, then a

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vitality and mortality of communities. Sanitary science is essen-

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of information and such novel trains of thought, ss the casualties

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given. Enemas of warm, soapy water should be given,

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these lines, and also on the alkalescence of the blood,

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Any trace of sugar indicates liver disturbance of some

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make vacant its Halls. - Candid thinkers can not, and will not,

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retardation and psychomotor inactivity and suicidal

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behavior of the tuberculous individuals, however, is

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fimbriated end into Douglas' cid-de-sac makes the chance

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forgotten, " the voice of Nature " will always be acceptably

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The nutritive quality of the blood likewise receives

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difficult to find lor it perfectly satisfactory solvents

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Ihal in llie trachea and bronchi, whereby the aeration ol

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3'ellow, three ; red. five; blue, eight; and when any opa([ue bo<ly

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estimate of the elevation of the temperature ; for by careful obser-

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been the Health Bill, designed to improve the sanitary condition of

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blurring of the carpal bones and fusion of the semilunar and

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[Read in the Section of Surgery, October 25, 1912.]

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Paris, October ii, 1918) note that the results of x

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ing the tissues and fragments of viscera belonging to a

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dition of the animal. If the bloating is severe, so that

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the air around the tree, may, by its obstinate refusal of free pas.«age t« the radiant

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the report is a simplified copy of the " Analysis Book."

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"tuberculosis is not produced, or rather let us say,

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the revival of excision of the knee, I am certain that most of these

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p<nsuasit»n and many promises, she reluctantly consented to one

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In the progress of common diseases this vital accommo-

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Professor Fergusson, of King's College, London, and Professor

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