foundation, the result has been quite otherwise in the metropolis generally; and
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tures destined for analysis into alcohol, not knowing at the time
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be communicated by contact with those affected by it, by remaining near them,
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during respiration; the patients did repeat the same syllables over and over
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All kinds of dust irritates, and some kinds of dust,
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Nevertheless^ it is well to remember that the sarcolemma is not
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the natives who have never left the valley ; and cases of consumption
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accoucheurs, nurses, &c., and whose cases admitted of the most
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in these words, "these descriptions, although in truth very incomplete, appear
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the liquid into the veins is prevented, and it accumulates in the tissues upon
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lations. The state of the retina, &c,, ought, however, to be carefully not^ed in all
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choleraic character or significance observed at Weymouth, either
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close of the year, one hundred and thirteen males, and one hundred and sixteen
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Mr. Lawson has written an excellent chapter on staphyloma ;
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of purpura. This condition lasted a fortnight, during whicn a
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disc remains white, and he justly observes that this peri-papillary
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neck ; the sickness of stomach was also removed by it.
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barley-water for twenty-four hours or until medical at-
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" Of the amputations for diseases, 21 were of the lower extremity, of which 5
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the cardiac sphincter was perceived to disappear suddenly and com-
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meat, are restricted to an inferior kind of fish. Dr. Peet points
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tolerably wejl adapted to the cultivation of maize, wheat, rye, and other
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51. Poisoning with the Salts of Copper. — The thesis of M. Lefortier, on this
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to a long and brUliant sunshine, is not excited by the feeble light which con-
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of enteric fever in the service-aJd th^y occur on every station
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layers of muslin), to be removed when the skin becom
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thallium by means of spectrum analysis, and suggests that certain
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scribing or recommending these expensive luxuries. "Rea- 1
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manifested.^ Trousseau, among other varieties of chorea, speaks of
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Pancreas. — The only instances of congenital disease in this organ, with
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ounce of distilled water, as soon as the first application