If the remote causes of the collections are sought, and
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the lens could be seen through the cornea without mov-
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In seven or eight cases out of fifty unilateral extirpa-
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and vegetable parasites, and finally neoplasms ; as evolu-
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spasm of the convulsion. I am inclined to think the
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this regard we have another proof to support my opinion,
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By direction of the Acting Secretary of War, First Lieu-
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dred and twenty eyes. The vertical meridian was the least
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Case I. Left pleuritic effusion. — -On August 7, 1887,
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" "■ S. — 'You will see from the references that we do not believe in
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' " Rest, to be efficient, must, as far as possible, be absolute, so
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He believed the operation by injection to be far the
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been investigated thoroughly. The prevalent impression
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with numerous cases where a catarrhal condition of mu-
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would be possible to bring into an animal some substance
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was to remove the tube or tubes whence, in the vast ma-
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ly removed, and a fibrous neoplasm round the cord was
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cases bleedings from the nose are due to excitement of the
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bladder for diagnostic purpose, the autopsy showing a
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mestic animals. All other animals, including all domestic
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and fall of atmospheric temperature." I submit that in-
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generally are projected upon the kidney, in order that
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any laryngeal complications ; moderate altitude, 3,000
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servers, if it were always possible to get such, would en-
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ures of such other remedies as tar, chrysarobin, and like
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cures to the foot as nearly a normal position as possible.
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the patient did well. The question whether the diagnosis