ment. In all varieties of purpura the eruption has the same general char-
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mencement of October, when the slight cicatrices made became red,
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London, Dr. Prothero Smith, Baron Dubois, of Paris, Professor
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are attached two well stained distorted parasites at x. Note that these four
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those conditions exist which favor the development of scurvy, as the patient
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when, where, and how," and I am sure all doctors can
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the neighbourhood. These patients had not been out of the city —
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&c., and a diseased condition of certain viscera. All his inquiries
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from this source, appears not to have exceeded thirteen, the chil-
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physical examination — by physical signs of pleurisy. None of these condi-
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wounds became progressively shorter, showing that the rate of repair of the
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was a light fog. Twenty-one days were variable, and three days
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26, 1914, at the Imperial Institute for the Study of Infectious Diseases,
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The Medical Times of April has the following note :
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Disease of the pons or medulla generally results in bilateral paralysis, and
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sulted in the production of pus which filled the vessel. The abscess
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Philadelphia, may, if they shall deem it expedient, form three socie-
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Other experimental studies of respiratory disease have been numer-
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rest for the eyes and properly adjusted glasses will remove it. In Me-
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Dog 2.— Weight 6.5 kilos. 13 cc. of a bouillon culture of pneumococci were
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cases. He has einplojred it now for two years, and has found it a
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and is inclined to attribute the production of scrofula in children, in
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sugar to make the syrup. — Druggists' Circular, j
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measure, whether the bacteria are to be promptly removed from the
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Dr. Stilii has also argued that obstruction to the pulmonary arte-
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and an expulsion of only four scybala after the second injection.
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is efficacious, after hundreds of thousands of appli-
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black vomit; mucous coat of stomach smooth; not softened.
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