and repeated cleansing with mild antiseptic lotions. The laryngitis, tracheitis
But this discharge continues many times much longer, I
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Abscesses. — Xo part of the body where abscess may occur is exempt.
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and not the activity of the seizures. It is likely in this
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made by certain persons, though this could not be helped.
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injustice is done to the applicant, as when by an error of
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lein, and this lends some encouragement to the view of
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Talamon, 1896, "A small quantity of albumin in a colored
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^The Journal of Medical Research, November, 1905; vol. xiv, No. 1.
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vary greatly with the position of the patient. jNIicroscopically the sputum
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Before the game the specific gravity was 1017, there was no
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ulnar neuritis among 415 pneumonias. Multiple neuritis as a sequel has
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tissues , the too free use of alcoholic liquors to stimulate an
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ply destructive or permanent disease of the kidney.
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was severe but as a rule not prolonged. Some are of special interest, in that
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extent, influenced by the seasons and that it may occur in the fourth and
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of bloodsucking insects, ticks, etc., in some cases, at least. If the disease
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small ones may have no effect on the general condition Avhile in one who is
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and simple, and indeed no other explanation seems probable.
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spinal meningitis, must be regarded as characteristic of this set of cases.
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quantities, with no other sign of renal disease." Craig,
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severe initial rigor and a rapid rise of temperature to 103° or 105° F. These
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prognosis of intermittent albuminuria is good base their
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the stage of suppuration until the beginning of desiccation, when it again