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Considering the decided possibility of permanently curing

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history of having previously removed all the spots from

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was injected into the carotid arteries. The injecting tube was first intro-

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with pu's ; the foramen ovale destroyed, and the membrane of the tympanum

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cent, a positive, and 5 per cent, an incomplete reaction.

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tion concerning the care of dogs, rabies, ordinances,

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of the colon. Remainder of abdominal viscera in a healthy state.

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1. A manufacturer or dealer who desires to market a product

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early date of the operation, sixteen hours after the ac-

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but ft distended gall-bladder, yielding on opening, a

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remains to be tested. Mr. Estlin has employed it with complete success

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matter how healthy in itself, no matter what the condi-

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Prescription. — Omittantur pilulae et infusum. Capiat misturam cretse

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even in times of severe epidemic not all of those who

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rarely in a position where the surgeon can predicate

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ently organized state medical societies, and such county and

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is now warm. The patient now complains of pain in the inner side of the

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prone not only to local infection, but they frequently

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medullary to the depth of half an inch. No other part was examined.

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entirely involved by it: the cribriform plate was absorbed in its posterior

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sufficiently to injure fatally the internal organs, which it might readily do

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and, after the third day, there is the straining of an

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that the death of the child was caused by the injury inflicted on the scaip.

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with the needle. Care must be exercised that an ex-

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stantly distended, tender, and gaseous on percussion. Purgatives, antacids,

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templated, and very naturally and sensibly protests.

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superiors and inferiors in the hospital, take up nearly two-

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imperfect aeration, a prominent example of which occurs in the disease

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an increase of 106 over the total of the previous we^k, and only

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easier to sneer at 'the books,' than to study them — to disparage their con-

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is not affected. He declares no trace of the disease is

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type of fever met with in the South, which can not be placed

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