At least two in every five must have died. The hot month
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pass away in its last puff of air, while man seems to perish
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rheumatic character of the joint affection, for instance, has been disputed
persons are subject to an incurable incontinence of urine,
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frost. The latter condition is reported by Frazer-Nash (quoted by Crocker)
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the iodide of iron, recommended by Wade. Boeck in very acute cases
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present on the arms ; and other rare instances have been recorded in
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(3) The glass cocks must be kept clean and lubricated to pre-
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order is to be found in a special article (vol. vii. p. 447). Although
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— 2. Chassaignac. Traits de la suppuration, 1859. — 3. Crocker, Radcliffe. Diseases
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masses are coarse. The protoplasm stains deep to pale
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some one or other of the characteristic cutaneous lesions will appear.
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are in virulent condition, are capable of producing very similar lesions.
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coimWy entails. Where the presence of certain relatives constitutes
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success. Galen's principle is described in the following
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tirely correct error caused by too rapid delivery from the
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Idiotie. Upsala, 1895. — 13. Ireland, "W. "W. Mental Affections of Children. London
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tos pads from Seitz filters are discarded after use.
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dementia consequent on fevers is very different, as regards prognosis, from,
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or less generalised ; and they have been divided into (I.) those due to
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and its virulence latent. Bacteriological evidence goes to show that a
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1851, No. 128 ; 1852, No. 41 ; 1854, No. 87 ; 1856. Epidemics : 87. Bernhardt.
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sponded to the "distribution of that posterior root which must have been
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special points of technic in its use will not be discussed here, as it
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family after his death. A greater degree of vice is shown by him who
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final report of the examination. At no time should memory be
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tendency to suppuration, the most strenuous efforts to render the wound
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(this is probably not true). Rarely, it has cured psychoses. There may
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colour, and marked with faint arborescent vessels. Their principal import-
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