(2) Fraser-Weld Intracutaneous Method* This method em-

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closely about the room and scrutinize its contents. Let him note

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than in cold; and he finds he suffers from the cold much more

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In judging the probable outcome of any individual case it

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propriate weight (for 100 ml) of the dry ingredients of nutrient

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The only additional remark I will make is, that we ought, in

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I shall now attempt to give you a brief summary of what

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1. Blood and lymph. The direct examination of blood and

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they produce a benign form of inflammation, or a suppuration, an oedematous or

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times, and in the remaining three-fifths of the cases, the skin

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a degree of exercising control over public sentiment touching

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cumstances and facts of the delivery, doctors will know better

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trunk muscles are not present.^ There is a motor dissociation,

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(2) The immunising value of the antibacterial serum varies with the

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both standard and unknown. Also, if an interfering colored solute

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the neck." He entered the hospital because the lump was

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weight, is not troubled with cough, and has never noticed swell-

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children in the poorhouse, another, with a child, was an inmate

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found after the fourth day). After the animal dies,

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with micro-organisms in septicaemia that the circulation is seriously interfered

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gelatin filter, or other filter transmitting light chiefly of

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of urea per minute by renal excretion. A normal man

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