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when further magnified, is seen to contain other still more minute spherules of living
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wise better. On lying down, arranged his legs in a natural position
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In consequence of the advice of medical men having been either
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the promptitude and tension with which the ligature is tied, and the
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and after waiting a few days, reduce the milk still farther, replacing it
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The pulse was now 120, the pupils still widely dilated and fixed.
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nearly free from XaCI. The precipitate, which should contain any legumin still
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by bad conservancy, by the foul state of the tanks in the towns
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and the size of the goitre, and improving the subjective conditions.
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Figs. 20, 21). In the latter figure the form designated "a" is the
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longer and more efficacious use of this drug. Colchicine preparations
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an improved and less objectionable arrangement of its pavilions
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minuter lesions. The minuteness of the bacillus, and the shrinkage
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"Annales de Medicine, iv, No. 3, Mai-.Tuin, 1917, p. 341.