deposit itself. And again, the capsule should be held close to the flame
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Review, vol. xxxvii, p. 431. British and Foreign Medical Revieiv,
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dious under such circumstances to say which we consider best.
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Patient informed me that since it last ceased, her size had remained almost sta-
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indicated by the appearance of oval bodies, measuring about
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Finally, the third case cited by M. Delrnond is that of a young girl of seven
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sharp pair of scissors, and the raw surface extended by carrying the incision
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tion? This method has been recommended as the most efficient for the
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Pleurisy with Effusion. — Some cases of pleurisy are
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"The strength of an organ," runs an old medical prov-
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gress of Ireland and the enlightenment and development of
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Clinic. (Berlin. Klin. Woch., Nos. 40 and 41. Two proved fatal
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formed after the method of Bonnet and Arlt, is simple, free
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tike primitive fasciculi of many other muscles than those of the
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tight compartment and observed while the temperature
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acid; (as in the case of arsenic) to boil the carbon thus obtained, for half
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April E4th, 1864<. — ^This man again came under treatment, not
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difSculties would on\j farther obscure — possibly contravene — the
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About to leave London, he was furnished, by his preceptor, with the following
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through the middle piece in both instances, and the ends brought together
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adds chiefly. The treatment consists of washing the
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of our patients have exhibited after months of careful
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less marked than in the acute form. The false membranes
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whereas the old people have smouldering vital fire, in-
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cause an entire suspension of all the functions of the spinal nerves.
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whatever on board during the voyage, save one trifling case of
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tion of the optic discs, but it is evident that such arrangements
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often yield to the temptation to merge their medical character
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intelligently treated from the outset by a competent
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find a trace of arsenic by the tests in question. At four different times
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not be utterly inane to speak of a '■catarrh cure" or of
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cutaneous perspiration. The skin is indeed generally dry, but to show that
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influenza was yery prevalent, a large per-centage of the population
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of sleep, &c.) In one case (No. 11) epileptic attacks had existed;
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question. A case reported last year by Dr. Habershon, in
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divide it. On withdrawing the polypus in the grasp of the forceps, I was pre-
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sions, and the confidence he seems to feel in opposing established
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birth, especially if pus (matter) forms, should always be