Dr. H. U. AfARTi.v inquired whether in hog cholera,
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Dr. Love, made a few remarks. He said we were here for
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experience of the writer, no case of follicular tonsillitis,
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ing to him, proved successful. Dr. Gamaleia's method
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taneous injection of a weak solution of corrosive subli-
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and fifty years of age, and is not amenable to treatment.
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out the sources of error in galvanometers. In speaking of
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August 31st. — Pericardial friction disappeared, the
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diagnosis was made of an abscess in the cortex of tlie
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withdrew the hot bricks, and no others were brought until
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it is worth mentioning that occasionally there is a case
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following advantages: i. Neatness; not unsightly. 2.
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support of this theory, Dr. Richelot communicated to
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according to circumstances. If the pressure is caused by
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parture from the normal position was thought to require
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shown to me, verifying the statement. I placed him upon
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Broca's centre, or in the tract from that centre to the
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and can often be diagnosed only by \-isual inspection after
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a Means of Spinal Support. New York Medical lournal, June 16,
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defecation he feels a severe pain up in the rectum, said
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treatment of puerperal septicaemia, founding his observa-
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patient came to me for treatment, December 29, 1885,