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consider the bacillus as the cause of tuberculosis. He

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that its general tone is one of conservativeness and great

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Since 1879, the man has lived continuously on North

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the attendants were sickened by the odor, became puri-

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the French described them under the term synochal fever.

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every one agreed that it was caused by bad nutrition.

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Case V. — Mrs. M. N , aged sixty-three ; first seen

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gorum, lycopendron bovista, and spongia marina. The

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and unseasonable dejections, and her urine was thin,

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nineteen of elbow-joint ; forty of hip-joint ; fifty-one ol

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or less complete removal of stricture by any other meth-

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had been called pemphigus, but which they agreed was

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gregationalist says " that since 1880 there has been a sys-

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the most poisonous constituents of the urine. Several ob-

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ment is situated in the deeper parts, where also, here and

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return the limit to 60, the original number ? Two travel-

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suppuration or its consequences, and if the patient is re-

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in the hands of Fergusson and his successors, will it keeji

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Ur. Elias H. Hartley attempts, in a recent volume of

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ophthalmometer of Helmholtz, with the object of making

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the heart, with the result, as might be supposed, of increas-

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operation. This danger at once occurs to the mind as

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the head, or some extension from diseased surrounding

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The ear was cleansed thoroughly with warm water and

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great value in science, but since the abnormal rise of tem-

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gun as a verrucose tubercle on the side of the nose about

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the adhesions of the remaining portion of the sac. The

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current leaves no visible or tangible trace of its presence.

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ilarly affected, somewhat deep ulcers having formed, in