Case X. Krbniein ; Archiv t". klin. Chir., 1877, xxi., .Suppl., 166.

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I'he ten chapters which compose this treatise were pub-

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concurrence of opinion to the effect that wiring is justifi-

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of the shoe under the instep. The perineal pad should

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heat, cold, or local irrilalion of any kind. The trouble is

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best answered by White. He found, in one hundred brain-

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condemned. Through all histor)- all great advances have

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trousers, and after remoNing these the skin was found

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When the physic shall have acted he is to take quin.

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and ending, as imagined, in the disengagement of acids

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able results were here obtained, and my patient during the

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cemia. Bacteria were found of the kinds ordinarily accom-

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cate is forthcoming, 470 were infants, children, and per-

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around the right leg just above the knee. I anticipated

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I am afraid that the " age limit " for hip-joint excision

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connection with shoulder-joint excision for traumatism.

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The spirit of inquiry leads to analysis, while observation

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better than Finkler's papain, and described the method of

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the subhmate at y^'nyr; that the cyanide does not act so

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\ ery much Americanized. From a knowledge gained by

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If so-called " tertiary syphilis " results from the admin-

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reditary atrophy, and showed drawings and microscopic

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language was lost, and the j)ower to repeat sentences, to

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Relati\"e rank in the army came up in the Parliamentary

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in the last stage of exhaustion and emaciation, and he

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convenience as to need attention. I have recently met

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rect. It is true thai Dr. J. Lewis Smith was surprised at

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catheterization of women. I have for the last ten or

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tion of the other ; ansmia of the one also being asso-

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feehng of pride and independence, and who would go to