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Representatives to the General Council.— On the motion of Dr. Yeld,
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That you may five many years to comfort the sick, is the wish of your grateful
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which exists In literature. Ulrich von Hutten, poet,
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of the different developments of the sexual instinct. Their superior
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The descriptions just referred to seem most suggestive of infective
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arm or from the nape of the neck". But this, surely, is a mistake. The
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During the afternoon the animal was cast on the right side and
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He concluded by saying that he considered cancer of the neck of the
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got worse. Eer bead became so muoh affected sometimes that we feared it would
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failing patience and friendly sympath}' with which Professor McQueen,
Jonathan Hutchinson, Esq., George A. Ibbetson, Esq., Francis JLison,
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dent !" and Dr. Charlton stepped up to the post of honour. The
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placed with the opposite {i.e., sound) side downwards, and in its pass-
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the skin of the back a few days before the boy's death, which occurred
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almost always previously shown eczematous eruptions.
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tially paralysed. It almost immediately passed a little thick, viscous,
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bers of the Senate of the University — Jiingken, Mitscherlich, Virchow,
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corded to E. H. Maling, Esq., for his kindness in taking the chair.
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eighth, however, the patient's condition became greatly aggravated.
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the honour of being personally acquainted, and regard their friendship
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of clinical medicine and surgerj'. If these principles be adhered to,
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asked, by what particular means this result is obtained, seeing that
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appetite had been bad. The driver stated that it did not stop during
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their own tales. They require explanation and further illustration by
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sung before. The tree is first described, growing in a
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On the 5th of May last, the Registrar-General yielding, as he admits,
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movement ; its upper part is covered by the exposed and distended skin
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ony of the monthly meetings of the Aesculapian Society
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of Amsterdam. Immediately, it seems, a tender friend-
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the macroscopic appearances of cancer, proved in reality due to tuber-
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cized in caustic terms the inability of the medical pro-
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useless, and have declined to expend the town's money upon it. "
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six years of tossing on a wind-swept sea, some chance
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plantar tenotomy, had healed. The tendons were swollen, warm, and
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Several gentlemen were then elected members of the Association and
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Next day the patient was cast, and the right fore-limb fixed to the
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the dog to the rabbit or fowl, have uniformly failed ; nor were we
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in pet dogs the rug usually may require to be removed, and in no case
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kidney was cut in half The transverse colon and a large piece of the
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important for the development of his character and the
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admits it must be all right, and one may without being
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man's hand, resulting from division of the tumours. The lungs
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