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the " American method " of treating chronic joint disease

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operation, the high incision should be made at once, when,

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Case VIII. — A young unmarried woman vi'as seized

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exists between epilepsy and ear disease, for we occasion-

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making the study of his subject a pleasure as well as a

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inforcements which he found were due to a contraction

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cerations on different parts of the face and the body. After

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yet suffering, though I was first called to him in May, 1887.

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caseoma ; 2, simple caseo-tuberculosis ; 3, suppurative

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of American men had proved that electricity could do

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He advocated the use of Martin's intrauterine electrode

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close as possible to the peritoneal cavity, and uniting the

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to regard them as accidental rather than essential, as the

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In Baltimore an ignorant man, who had served a doctor

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to visitors from abroad over all the railways in Victoria.

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traindicate high altitudes ; murmurs, however, are not

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two gases is about 1.5 volt. Therefore, to decompose

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are eminently successful. Neris, in France, is famous for

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and fear its use unless carefully measured, so as to have it

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doubtful if true mammary atrophy occurred in cases of

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ceases to readily absorb the plaster of Paris, dip the hand

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commonest, and that was slow arteritis, which caused

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cases in which livery stables have been held to be nui-

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to La Bourboule is desirable in conjunction with ol. mor-

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In the second class, commencing with partial paralysis

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him for a similar trouble. These cases are relieved by

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pseudo-scientific work attaches any importance to Dr.

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the glass plates was fixed, and the rod with three mirrors

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