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The constriction must have been of such a nature that
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fully, the majority of the late gonorrhoeal obscurities
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Dr. W. Roger Williams publishes in The Lancet, a re-
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arise in a part, the normal restraining influence exerted
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to do good in chylous ascites, especially when caused by
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Lichen planus was found to recover much more rapidly
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completely divided. No reaction followed, but the vision
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secret of existence — the true explanation of the universe.
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tion of the condensed milk as a food for infants, irre-
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posed of equal parts of ung. belladonna and vaseline is
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For President, Dr. Laurence Johnson (declined). Dr.
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suffering from pulmonary phthisis, and but very seldom
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some cases obliterating) of a tubercular character.
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fections of the mucous membrane, without participation
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other hand, there is no tympanites, but if there are marks
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cal examination proved the simultaneous existence of
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signs of pleurisy began to disappear pretty quickly, so
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tificates of proprietary and secret remedies. An item in
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her right side, the bloody sputum was regarded as the
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