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putting the head in such a position as to interfere with
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for it, there will be in many cases a foreign body in the
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patient was thought to be d>-ing. On reaching his bed-
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apocynum cannabinum as a diuretic in dropsy, to which
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Especially is this curative power shown in old dartrous af-
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toward operation, to carefully examine all questions of
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because there was such a difficulty in withdrawing it. He
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Fort Leavenworth, Kan., to return to his station, Fort
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better care which the patients under experiment receive,
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dressing as a purely mechanical one in preventing the in-
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traction is becoming perfected. 2. Displacement, or re-
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of the lowest class. The crimes have been committed at
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August 13th. — Much improved; sitting up playing; has
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Treatment. — In order to present a clinical picture of
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in severe malarial cachexia, but makes no reference to the
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number toward the meatus, until Otis demonstrated that
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tion this week was an interesting occasion. The attend-
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Case III. — July i6th, L. T , white female, aged fif-
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stances. Gold, it is well known, is used in different prep-
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before backward. In a few days the patient could read
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but that when it does exist, even in cases in which it
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and medicine should be excluded from abdominal surgery,
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The next group of my series is a lot of two hundred and
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ulation of the muscles by a strain brought upon them by
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Hydrophobia in Paris. — In the first five months of
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consequent upon heart disease have been relieved by ap-
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Jj%, rather nearer \ than \, not a very flattering exhibit to
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gression. I was about to order slight passive motion,
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surprise. He said it could not be — it was impossible.
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difference in the axes of the corneal membrane and that
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like to make some remarks which might be suggestive to
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toxic products and in relieving the vascular spasm which
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showing the importance the ancients attributed to a plen-
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Dr. Hunter McGuire ; " Suprapubic Cystotomy," by Dr.
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purpose to describe this refuse other than to say that it
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which others take so freely. This depends in large meas-