above the point where it is opened. Thus the abdominal
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heart-muscle, it may cause sudden death independent of
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the ten years of harmony and good-will that they have
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distinguish cases of starvation and over-strain from those
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will illustrate a past and popular mode of managing the
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her population of 32,220, and Malaga from a population
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from vicious habits. In support of this view, the author
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rise, as is well known, to much controversy, and many
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sis of the insane showed, on post-mortem examination,
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bladder. 'I'he patient writes his name very distinctly.
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" June 20th. — Patient transferred to Dr. G. and was dis-
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fastened on a thin black-board, kept from warping by two
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The North Carolina Afedical Journal, June, 1 888, calls
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present in the lower part of the ileum, some partly
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He favored scraping away the diseased parts, but he was
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in preventing leakage of the stomach-contents. This was
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boric acid. He states : i. Borate of soda or borax, and
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The main features of the inflammatory process now de-
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