to record some short notes of nervous cases treated before
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sponge electrode being placed at the back of the neck ;
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eating, drinking, or nervous excitement without exciting a
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negative results which Dr. Mosse had made known. But
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of meat by precipitate action without reflection. In re-
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youngest twenty -four, and the oldest thirty-one years of
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case he gave a grain and a half of calomel, and a grain of
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by anyone who may have mere personal ends to serve.
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In the accounts of cases of such lesions, I have not been
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tuting a complicated lesion which, for convenience' sake,
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subjects treated of are Professional Neuroses, Prostate,
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the Dobell spray, cleansed the ear with peroxide of hy-
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John Watson, Bell, Hilton. E. S. Cooper, J. A. Post, J. H. James,
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learn. The German can doubtless teach us much in the
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was believed that so far as possible the ligaments should
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this faculty, however. To such as must depend on others
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tion has little value except from a negative standpoint ;
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be prepared to meet the indications that present them-
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boracic acid is absorbed as it ascends in the stream, and
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which was three times greater in volume than the coagu-
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shoe. He resected the ends of both bones by the cutting
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granules alone, while another adjacent is full of corpuscles,
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to exalt physical signs over symptoms in writing on heart
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The plug, when loosened, sooner or later impinges up-
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This was one of the worst cases I have evrt seen, and
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not demonstrate the matter fully. There are certainly
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Dr. Conrad, in replying, defined the terms transplan-
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will be held in October ne.xt. Among the subjects to be
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tical questions. I am far from supposing that we have
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was bad for tuberculous patients. A more rational treat-
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symptoms similar to those noted by previous experiment-
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bony. Sense of smell greatly improved, even when tem-
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spleen was not enlarged, and only in a few cases was there