cially in the vicinity of a broken sewer or improperly con-
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she had noticed that the abdomen was increasing in size,
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jaundice ; a small p ocess might cause it, while one of
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tions involved in the dispute. Before any definite deci-
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sults in both cases were good. Photographs were shown.
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This case, it seems to me, affords unmistakable e\i
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ing the result of a large amount of original research and
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able to tell subsequently the contents of the paragraph
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before. .Since then he had been under the care of a dis-
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city, writes : " You notice the fact in The Record that
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It contains a bibliography and also an appendix, with a
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tion, and the similar and equal restlessness of eyes whose
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tending to the pleuroe, may cause plastic exudation within
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in which there was recurrence of the tinnitus seemed to
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stationary until January 12th. No pain or fever during
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Case XXXIV. Czemy : .\rchiv f. Palhologie, 1885, ci., 524.
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obvious in their object, easily acquired so as to become a
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delphia County Medical Society, etc. Philadelphia :
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should be taken to make the puncture always posterior to
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crude boracic acid one hundred and seventy-eight thousand
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a piece of wool picked loosely, and laid in a small sheet
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or as an aid to tenotomy. The foot was to be corrected
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and many casts. In all of these experiments the urine
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surgical purposes, by the study of the jiositive s)-mptoms,
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Ten to fifteen minutes will elapse before the pap becomes
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hereditary syphilitic taint in this case. He had seen a
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of glaucoma with astigmatism of this form, and of astig-
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Caffein and ungt. veratria no rehef. Bromides, iron, and
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varicosities in the cerebral nerve-fibres. A case similar
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coniprehensive than is the rule with us. The professor
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pressed in the above quotation from your editorial, but