During the prolonged intervals between her fits she enjoys
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tance in medicine, and as the general practitioner, burdened
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reducing the storage of life. Necessarily the work of the
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and perseverance on the part of both doctor and patient
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the lower part of the vagina, and sustained chiefly by the
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cessity of getting cases of excision in broken-down chil-
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but Dr. Morison has learned that it does occur and is
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which are not always met with in general hospitals, viz.,
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geon. By direction of the Acting Secretar)' of War,
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Sir : In your issue of the nth inst. I see a reply from
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the persisting palsy. Reference was made to operations
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scarlet fever, small-pox, etc., was the same disease whether
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Florence. This still exists, filling a series of rooms, and
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operation itself was harmless. I do not believe that it
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eties, and has admitted at this session the American Gyne
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an anthropometric laboratory in an outbuilding at the
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a diet of meat and eggs, alkaline waters, and hydrotherapy.
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what is reported about it in the British Medical Journal
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The object in making this study is an endeavor to clear
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year after this the family medical attendant told me that
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deafness, which renders them unable to recognize the dis-
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The Twenty-first Annual Meeting of the Canadian Med-
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len and of a reddish-yellow color throughout, and its sur-
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cough which had steadily increased in severity, and of
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past year ; is extremely restless and has heavy dreams ;
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(102.2^ F.); evening, 40.3° 0.(104.5° F.) ; pulse, 134,
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ences are less marked. He infers from this fact that the