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efficiency. Medicine has always been handicapped by its

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the present day — stethoscope, microscope, larj-ngoscope,

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A noteworthy exception to this rule occurs in a recent

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These cases exhibit some of the dangers from poultices

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a large proportion of the latter in a country where the

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and signs of impaired health were usually present. The

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bilious attack was suspiciously like yellow fever. A gen-

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ilarly affected, somewhat deep ulcers having formed, in

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ment of intestinal symptoms, meteorism, diarrhoea, and

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might give rise to a neurasthenic state, and in time per-

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a room set apart for the purpose under the charge of

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but that pureness and dryness of air and out-door life

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find them containing hairs, pus, foreign bodies, etc. It is

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effect produced by the cauterizations at previous sittings.

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union is one of the rarest occurrences after such an in-

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but in no instance has it been necessary to repeat it during