sinuses of the nose, thus producing intranasal pressure.
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cal signs, or treatment of interpleural adhesions ; that
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tion was made on January 3, 1888, with the assistance
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absorption, and the urethra remains permanently open.
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wash and scrub the skin, hairs, and hands of all who
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The variations in its size and form are very great.
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doctor then went on to give this method in detail. Only
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tended to Dr. Martin a vote of thanks for his labors in
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recently than was accorded to it not many years ago. In
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of the Medical College of Virginia to change the law so
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the nose, the cheek, and the angles of the eye. Most of
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last observation led Dr. Gibier to suggest that if this
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served for the third, or declining and chronic stages. The
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I. Rhinolithiasis. — G. R. K , a bright and lovely
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2 We believe that Dr. Sayre now uniformly uses the long traction-
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this is a point that I vnsh to be regarded, the condensing
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but makes occasional mistakes; e.g., " when" for " well,"
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James, by twenty minims of the tincture of veratrunj vi-
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Pharmaceutical Journal, in which he asserts, from personal
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SchiJnfeld, of the Frederick William University in Bonn,
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as to admit a tube, with the nozzle of a rectal syringe
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him, and of three others reported by Dr. Przewoski, in
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in this line — Graily Hewitt, of London. A subject so
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a curette, and then the cautery. He was instructed to
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indications, in the treatment of that truly terrible dis-
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the city. Unloaded in this southerly wind, not two miles
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I have myself used it in otitis, cystitis, and other chronic
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The works of Sergi and Herzen, which appeared in the same
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perative. I will not even venture to suggest methods of
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extremity. In cutting through the anterior uterine wall,
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Washing out the bladder was impossible, on account of
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privileged to examine the parts three months after I had
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fairly strong and regular, 84 per minute. A slight red
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using modern methods, found, devoting a short paragraph
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