which law students are examined in this State before they
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knee, and had suddenly become unable to use the limb.
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Another practice gives us 242, with 68 curable, equal to
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Stimulants were used freely with decided benefit — brandy,
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The trocar passed through the diaphragm into an abscess-
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the sliding bar above ; the distance between temples is
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ache, and likelihood of pathological changes in the eye
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tained a mixture of water already boiled, and the con-
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not prevented shock. The object of the paper was to
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thirtieth day. After an interval of thirteen days her cough
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Canckr of the Larynx. — .At a meeting of the French
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sion of one or both nostrils by hypertrophies, preventing
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The veins in meningitis present nothing remarkable,
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The author's observations have extended to twenty-four
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ing such cases in charge, and reflexly to the patient and
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vaccination had anything to do with the immunity in these
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M. Verneuil said that it had been supposed that there
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thra, and a frequent desire to urinate following sexual
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after summer complaint. Saline chalybeates (as Warm
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eight, are verj- active, and this is probably the correct
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I am not aware of the name of the first operator ; nor is
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others in which the head turns to the right with a slow
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of his remarkable success to vaginal drainage. He fa-
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the edge of the blade being in the axis of the limb. It
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finally, an amphitheatre, rather small in proportion to the
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from 102° to 104" F. within the first few days, then re-
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decided m consultation to await developments for awhile
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points on the effect of vaccination were also brought out.
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in a girl of fourteen, who had been under the care of Dr.
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the heart, the greatest caution should be used to live
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the tampon of absorbent cotton, until this was saturated