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tiicular walls of the heart were not supplied with blood

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When he called to get my report, I was pleased to tell

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when inoculated upon calves. As to tuberculosis, it was

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of which the operation was performed for the removal

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there was tuberculosis of the mucous membrane of the

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must be indeed an extensive growth of the cranial vault

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atrophied, and its arms thinner than a hair ; the emi-

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which, he states, suddenly subside if the contact is pre-

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timated to increase at the rate of about seventy thousand

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powder four times more, one powder each night being

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while wearing a long traction-splint, flex the thigh on the

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but that, when circulation still existed in one of the chief

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cannot suckle the child. The secretion is arrested and

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must be thrown away, the bottle washed, and placed in the

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noticed noise in both ears, followed by protrusion of both

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faith be absent. He asked, however, if the temple which

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list. The entire instrument is light and of superior work-

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plumbing — in a rather damp place, which latter especially

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anaesthesia and paralysis existed in the parts supplied by the

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records of the Mayo Hospital at Jeypore, which is under

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idly and often epidemically, and, as the statistics show, it