and the facts and theories of science generally accepted
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not only from jails and ships, but also in private houses
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externally, it is very useful in various local syphilitic affec-
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years from 1.12 to 2.03 per thousand in 1886. In the
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stand upon very uncertain ground. It seems to me that
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does he fully appreciate the difficulties to be encountered
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other. He spoke of the danger of large numbers of mi
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luded more particularly to cases of Jacksonian epilepsy.
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by its mechanical eflfects, is what makes the peroxide valu-
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fremitus was heard below spines of scapulae. There was
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milk is exposed for an hour or more to 210° F. of heat
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pally affected. This pointed to the mode of infection in
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the condition of the general circularion, from a bright red
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another frequent condition ; and it is asserted that there
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a qualification prior to receiving degrees from institutions.
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that it is the French for '■ bell," and he at once possesses
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cases Dr. Lindner did not detect the abnormahty'till after
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done by the pupil. 4. The objects of sloyd are to develop
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mutually antagonistic. Of the nature and mode of oper-
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flammatory element, the absence of other symptoms, and
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tumor, involving the broad ligament. The peritoneum was
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returned to England in 1878, and a cataract was removed
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from the stimulation of the cortex, as was proved by the
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Another class of cases was those in which the empyema had
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eration, finds its true field. — The American Journal of
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the societies composing this Congress is that their mem-
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due to other causes. In typhoid fever, in addition to the
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ing fatally in the great majority of cases. He has, how-
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street in a nearly unconscious state. He gradually grew
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water. On reaching the hospital, temperature was 100°
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rarely indicated, since most cases can be controlled by a