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In the case of the lungs we have the pleura invaded, and

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author speaks of bony cysts as causing by pressure an-

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Europeans, and attacked the Chinese far more frequently

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ing, and at the age of nine years, when she came under

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the city. But practically, even admitting the author's

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regulating apparatus was as perfect in fur-bearing animals,

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very reluctantly consented to do so. In this way it was

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unfortunates as the number of consanguineous marriages

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treating sewage was in every respect the best. As to the

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losis in the records of veterinary practice are very rare.

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significance, simply because he has been accustomed to find

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opening of the winter session, September 17, 18S8. .-X

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right side of the septum, an exostosis projecting against

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The difference in the virulence and nature of the organ-

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had fever in an irregular form, sometimes present and

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according to Fournier, it is increasing alarmingly, a large

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exerted. One is then able to see just how much of the

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mistakes in reading aloud than he does in talking. In writ-

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ine Fibroids. — Prior to operation on a case of fibroids of

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amined with the greatest care, and was found to contain

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kill one of sixty to eighty pounds. Its action is immediate,

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the hole being oval in shape. There was no further im-

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thus we shall approach nearer to a correct appreciation

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Southern Pacific Railroad would travel the one hundred

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ward, stating his acne had disappeared, and wished to

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tannici. The patient made a good recover)' twenty-one

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affected toes, ^holding them flat. In another case, oc-

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suppuration of the left middle ear. Since two years of

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To proceed to St. Augustine, Fla., via Palatka, ac-

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be formed from it of the harmlessness of the electrical

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suspicious. Another set of curves (made up from obser-

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2, a greenish or violet color of the phosphatic deposit,

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ever, some mention of the patient having suffered five