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fession ; in other words, they are supposed to be men
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ignorant of its exact nature and also of its true causation.
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Biologic of Paris, on April 14th, M. Oscar Liebreich read
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wards with other patients. Not much attention was given
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Little notice is taken in text-books of the change of cli-
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ment is broken he employs a weaker solution, one-half
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in any other region of the body where pus is predicated.
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Charity Hospital, New York, where he was subjected to
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Dr. Edington, of Edinburgh, thought that the evidence
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parts being so much swollen, and knowing a simple di.s-
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short stage in which it can, by any possibility, be mis-
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morning temperature, 37.7 ' C. (99.8 F.) ; pulse, 84 ; respi-
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it reached 2,000. In 1876 the yellow fever became epidemic
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nosis, in cases of obscure symptoms of pregnancy, will
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the bleeding surface is totally cauterized by the application
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cried for help. A friend coming in caught him as he was
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when spoken to, though he did not seem to understand
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being excited by exertion or the taking of food. The
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4. In old fractures, on account of the increased risk
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lance corps. A Hospital Corps has recently been estab-
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Morals" (p. 46). A letter from the poet Tennyson con-
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held that the whole profession had been a gainer by the
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tion and the activity of the vasoconstrictor and vaso-
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ing themselves acquainted with those classes of disease
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possibly happen ? since the greater part of the women
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The patient was brought to me from Texas by her fam-
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should not say that we could not do anything in this climate.
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few weeks. No special importance was attached to it and
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transparent except for some faint striae at the periphery.
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My view of this case is that the atrophy of the corpus