was found, also a swelling of the endothelium of the
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aneurismal bruits, foetal heart sounds, etc., at " list price,
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that it was a subject of discussion among us whether,
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meeting, on " The Treatment of Valvular Affections of
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contained the tubercular virus in an attenuated form.
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been complete motor and sensory paraplegia. Plach's
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the aid of Dr. R. W. Amidon, a post-mortem examina-
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and stimulants. On examination of the ovaries no cor-
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ure, which was adopted in most of the cases referred to.
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the right auditory canal, and inflated with the Politzer bag,
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being taken up as a specialty in the half dozen museums
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occurs in the climacteric, or in elderly women, in whom
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too strongly to say that this condition will often end in
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of children, and no doubt all pathologists will hail with
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more productive of progressive myopia than any other
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and head of the femur, and at the same time permit motion of the
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of abdominal surgery, and is opening itself to the new
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bacteria and volatile organic matters, sometimes in large
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to the left side of the broad ligament. A real fundus
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greatest utility in anaemia and chlorosis. One of the most
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water or in alcohol. It is used in the same way as the
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that the coloration of the blood-serum was characteristic of
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follows: "It will be obvious that my theory has a very