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man became rapidly convalescent. Two other patients

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Morell Mackenzie's reply, as given in his work on the sub-

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the third day and used a hot douche afterward ; on the

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Where multiple furuncles exist the canal is liable to be

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Of these there is a mortality of about three per cent.

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even when a fatal result was not averted. He said that

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of symptoms which she says she cannot describe accu-

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long, especially in all cases of diseases of the chest, I

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appears to demand the immediate attention of the profes-

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influenced the cure in either case ; either the headaches

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obstructing the nostrils anteriorly and posteriorly. Most

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by a scientific practitioner of a past generation, appear

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len observed only two temperaments, the sanguineous and

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21, 1888): A fowl with diphtheria was brought to the

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radical extirpation of the diseased areas. Finally, the

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watching by the health-authorities. In the course of its

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row during life, since the more elastic they were the

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cous membranes than those already mentioned, as the

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by Dr. W. T. Bull ; " The Propriety of Surgical Interfer-

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derstand that explanation, but he could understand an in-

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bringing about the organization of the Congress of .Amer-

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at the abattoirs. He had seen a lady drink the blood

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■ and the other may be overcome by plugging the sinus or

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and traces of silica, aluminum and sodium chloride, resem-

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reading to a very astonishing degree. As a proof that

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colorless needles almost insoluble in water, alcohol, and

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Dr. Birdsall had referred. Regarding self-poisoning, it

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become obsti-ucted, it is not impossible that more or less

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substance insulates perfectly, is aseptic, hard, easily

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and an " expanding sensation " was felt, rising from the

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cough appeared without pain in the chest ; but four days

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degree, in the muscular fibres of the heart, in the gangli-