giving rise to great general discomfort. Tinnitus is
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uously if the plaintiff in the following case has any basis
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stantially alike, an account of the dressing and result of
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the slowness of speech, thought, and movement, and the
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scaphoid resumed its proper position. I applied an ap-
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the least exertion. The woman was unable to eat any-
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recurring in successive crops, is a most valuable aid in
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solution is always employed in the institution. The
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flannel cloth and tied under the left axilla. This flannel
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genial, and jjossibly moistened, air which should gently
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w^rds of the Vienna General Hospital last year, who were
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ing on the Eustachian tube, bands of tissue in the pharynx,
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plasms are of this nature ; their histological character
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pect, on returning a few days later, to hear that the patient
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use of suitable laxatives and frequent bathing are of
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lieve that domestic fowls were very frequently the subject
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these " teachers " will agree with me in saving, that the
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The patient was a woman of sixty-six, who died of cirrhosis
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In the fourth case the man had attempted suicide by
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conundrumical that so little use and mention are now
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those cases in which offensive pus had been evacuated,
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perience, but he did not believe that, when strict antisep-
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that, while one surgeon advocates one operation, and one
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only know by its effects, so it is mth the current. Let
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gested state, because of its portal circulation ; when con-
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Pruritus is much complained of, and itching is quite
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nature of electrical cauterization. This is of primary
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reported of rupture of the bladder following injection of
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ing why certain parts of the human body are thus, and so,
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throtomy. No one values it more than he, and the risks
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unwritten law in the minds of honest medical men which
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depression consequent upon the intense cold, immediately
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in their simple astringent or tonic action on the tissues,
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devised the extension windlass, here illustrated (see Fig.
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We find an accusation that a consulting surgeon deliber-
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tions death occurred within a month, without any com-
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