the loss of reason, and concluded by two objections abso-
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Taylor splint is used by many (Shaffer, Judson, and Gibney) to ob-
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in childbirth, but the essential nature of the diseases was
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pathogenetic nerve-discharges, and the changes of the
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tinued, he was to ha\e five drops of aconite. While pur-
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of infection with the ordinary " suppurative bacteria," and
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long ago. -"^gain, cerebral sj'philis might be due to
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this had caused death by its pressure upon all the \iscera,
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characteristic, such as enlargement of the spleen, slight
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continued deposition of cerumen upon that portion of
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was 47.25 D, the weakest 39 D. The corneal refraction
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Occasionally .severe dyspncea would occur from the plug-
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a blow of a whip-lash at the early age of two years. She
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Fredel, in a communication made to the Biological Soci-
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iodides is thus due to their power in assisting the economy
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and swaj-ing its head to and fro. The pupils were dilated
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gave to him the part containing his name. There was
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passed by the Senate perfecting the quarantine service. It
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her head. Her fits begin with rotation of her head to tl e
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imjjortance of giving chemistry a prominent place in
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Mills, of Montreal, Sheard, of Toronto, and Milne, of
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immediately in front of the orifice of the left ureter. The
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was considerable blood effused into the anterior chamber
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the same light as cases of strangulated hernia. Operation
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shown, being merely a slightly modified combination of
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vitreous, fixed but wavy, obscuring slightly the entire
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peculiar action of the poison of scarlet fever on the ner-
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however, only those observed to be associated with, or
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hypertrophic changes, without having had his attention
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Case II. — A man, aged seventy-one, had had symptoms
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leave of absence to include May 3, 1889. Par. 14, S.