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of these acids and bases. In the organic substance inter-
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2 Clinical Lecture on the Therapeutics of Natur.al Mmeral Waters,
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action will doubtless be productive of good, nevertheless,
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Everything being in readiness, the chief commands: i.
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and we can recommend it without hesitation to all who
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wall of the pharynx, and the ears were inflated with the
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The results of the use of the Davis and Sayre splints, or
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much pleased with the result. The patient suffered no
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Lar^Tigology, Dermatology and Syphilis, H) g.ene. Forensic
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cies had a great place in the causation of rickets.
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reduction was followed by a rise, and this was succeeded
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such. The medical officer may now inspect the ambu-
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and convex glasses are especially indicated. Tenotomy
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ing had been produced to insure our being able to com-
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cian is regarded as a student of nature. It is hard to find
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the speaker closed by indicating how readily accessible
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in a woman who, it was subsequently learned, was six
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slight gleety discharge, which had existed for several
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which formed the chief object of my visit here, can be
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ceased. In one case, a lady had been confined to her
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Hamilton found in making extension for fracture of the shaft of the