In examinations for the typhoid bacilli and for the
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caused locomotor ata.xia. He adverted to the difficulty
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complaining of feverishness, pain in the abdomen, and
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toms, namely, aphasia. And I venture to do this before
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gery, we do endorse Mackenzie's procedure in first seek-
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Dr. Charles B. Nancrede, of Philadelphia, also dis-
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in all the departments of surgical theory and practice the
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which he had diagnosticated neurasthenia in a woman, his
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ments, which remained absent for a period of two weeks,
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in water, which was kept at a temperature of 100 F.
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vanced decomposition prevented the recognition of the
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the mechanical cause, in the other the surgical treatment
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obstacle to a thorough exploration of the abdomen. 5.
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verse should also hold, that a lowering of the local tem-
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of a daughter, the lochial discharge not taking place, was
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above glasses, and an ophthalmoscopic examination show-
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deaf, and one-third were myopic. Most of them suffered
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In consequence of necessity, the patient had not been
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cal school in this country is the Warren Museum, in
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hygienic point of view : i. Saccharin is not an aliment and
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ported cases, and especially that reported by Dr. Jarvis,
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hood, qualifications, too, which, under a different regimen
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on non-specific urethritis, and I gave it as my unqualified
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backward till it came in contact momentarily with the
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tants, the fee to persons of the first class is one ruble
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matted and unrecognizable, the mass being exceedingly