tive zoology. Physiology is based upon special applica-

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mixture, but declines to continue their use. No other

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You may have noticed that, in speaking of the scope of

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natural selection. And mould and the bacillus tuber-

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shows thirty-nine cases. Only one case of acne in a true

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five hundred measurements should be made in order to

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is the failure of most midwifery practitioners to sufficiently

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face which are supplied by the supraorbital, infraorbital,

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name, weak heart. After considering the symptoms he

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grain of mercury and chalk, hoping that this may tend to

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I. The dry stage, attended with hypercemia, redness, heat,

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happen from movement of the impaled bowel, or liquid

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popliteal passing over it. On following up the trunk of

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sequently this membrane was destro)-ed by ulceration and

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port of cases and deaths from contagious diseases report-

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of temperature and general improvement. Stimulants are

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We now come to surgery proper, which assumes to have

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liquids, and for the storage of anatomical preparations.

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'ihe workmen are subjected once or twice daily, for

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sequences which occasionally follow the perineal opera-

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surfaces. When the recession of the inflammatory action

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the doctor and protect the feelings of the sensitive

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of hand, over anterior and lateral aspects of arm, sensa-

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cerned, they must necessarily overlap somewhat, since

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bulb is directly and solely responsible for this accident

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yellow fever in Spain for this year place the mortality at

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with a ■' sore " upon his penis. Without knowing its

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the base of the nose to the osseous extremity of the nasal

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the bed, or out from the bed and at a right angle to its side,

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are the ones who are obliged to perform the most resec-

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between a third and a fourth of single abscesses occurred

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posterior one ; the latter were due to the fact that the

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tiring Secretary, Dr. Ranch, much of the credit is due for

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Beard records some forty-three cases illustrating so-