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skin increased, but particularly that of the face, hands,

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verse of a real reproach to any men or set of men ; to be

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expected to be called on for one. It had been submitted

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with this affection which to me are verj- suggestive. I can-

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growth of germs not really killed, but the weight of this

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modification of Thomas', to be used for the same purpose,

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pole being applied over the seat of the cramp, the posi-

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He commenced by saying that articular neuroses, like all

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commands : Prepare to load. But if the patient has been

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was at least six hours. It was, therefore, useless to ex-

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now of a high degree, this condition follows the course of

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chest entirely disappeared, and there has been no return of it since.

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kidneys. A man, aged twenty-two, entered St. Mary's

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spread to the neighboring healthy parts, it quickly dies.

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always more or less prevalent in every dairy, the uniform

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Dr. Henry Ling Taylor's paper on the " Hygiene of Re-

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fortnight those whose lesions were not too severe hail

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child was very sick, and its parents excited and anxious,

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puration of the middle ear was sufficient ground to refuse

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quotation is, by the way, especially applicable to the salt-

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acres of land were employed for a time. Lastly, two hun-

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cumulates in the blood ; the internal eliminating organs,

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At the same meeting Dr. Troisier exhibited the heart of

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vious corresponding period. During a similar period the

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plained of, and, three hours after eating, the skin became

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remained quiet for a few hours and the cream has ' risen.'

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author then made another experiment, injecting into the

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appeared during the second week and continued until the

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operation as a rule. A protective bandage is rec[uired

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cutaneous eruptions, generally in the form of eczema,