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short ; 5, operate as rapidly as possible ; 6, as short
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ment of the chest-wall. The left side was tympanitic on
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remained quiet for a few hours and the cream has ' risen.'
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large majority of cases recur. Dr. Fenwick then pro-
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end here. While the forcing process which is to stimulate
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of pelvic abscess. Many abscesses, four out of five,
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circulation, interpleural pathological products occur which
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ful. Munde removed successfully a large cervical fibro-
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thirdly, that there was no evidence of old urinary disease.
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b-' not only harmless, but effective, before recommending
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the medical societies to examine him, and gave me the
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and continually uses wrong words. No relief from medi-
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tive position, some sudden undue distention of the gut
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Pelvic abscess is almost always immovable; neoplasms,
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hospitals, and had a sharp attack, with diarrhcea and in-
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improved by arsenical waters, as are also articular and
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come more severe and frequent, being finally excited by
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used by the pulley and weight. Some surgeons habitually weigh the
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therefore, the instrument of Jav-al and Schiotz one of, if not
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side or the exciting mineral waters, i.e., saline and sul-
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rate seemed to be of value locally applied. In prescribing
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zine for August, 1773, appears the following : " Mr. Paul,
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a single fibre corresponding to the stem of a T-process.
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usually put upon it — but it does occur also in cases
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entitled " Cholera Infantum and the Weather," consisting
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that exercised b)' the conventionalities which govern our
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side, with her knees drawn up. By sharply shaking her
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tE^ous conditions of diphtheria, but it should be dis-
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surprised to find that Messrs. Shenk, the Imperial publish^
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thought and for its communication. The word " pen "
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succession ; not, however, in mere outline, as here stated,