dangers are two : hemorrhage and oedema. Hemorrhage
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idea of a pen as an object used for writing. And this
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picture, by whose means we are able to grasp the sense of
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malarial remittent and t)-pho-malarial fevers, and that
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of this kind of barrenness into ten groups : i. Sequela;
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temporal portion. The patient refused to undergo ngor-
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The frequent attacks of pain and swelling in childhood,
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amining the nasal passages. If we see evidence of one or
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its muscles. A steel brace designed on these principles
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or requires frequent removal for cleansing. It may also
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Dr. Da Costa, of Philadelphia, Pa., presented a paper
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urine it will fail to act when i^e know sugar is present.
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marized as follows : Cancerous destruction of the larynx,
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— One of the most difficult fractures to treat, in which the
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and perhaps benefit may result from a residence in I''lor-
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nothing more than aggravate all the nervous symptoms.
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ings, etc., of all kinds. Here also may be classed hospital
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rib anteriorly. The patient has gained much in flesh, has
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pressure to be used in extinguishing fires, in manufactur-
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quences were so interchangeably confused as to retard
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do any good in cases of ansesthesic leprosy. Stretching
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finger in the rectum, to which the author gave assent.
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