synovial membrane or the articular cartilage. — Gazette

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such as olive-oil, spirits of camphor, chloroform, laud-

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opinion as to the method in which respiration was carried

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1. The blood-corpuscles of birds, fishes, and reptiles,

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bandaging lessens venous oozing. He recommended put-

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into the cranial dura mater of another animal, produces

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existence of pyogenic organisms in the skin. In the

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ment which could not find a suitable place, or any clinical

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died soon after. A third dog was submitted to a current

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What shall we understand by the term constitutional

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caries. The case is reported by Mr. J. H. Thompson, in

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tongue almost as certainly as by observations on the ducts,

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rime. At the autopsy ? ';erebT"' abscess was found.

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By careful injections into the veins of different animals,

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as the institution is concerned, they are really coroners'

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the fish where life is not so easy a matter for them ; for

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book entitled, " Doctrine microbienne de la- fievre jaune

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most concern the surgeon are those which cluster around

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But so many symptoms analogous to them are presented

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participating societies. It will be limited exclusively to

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autopsy. In another well-marked case the constipation

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testinal puncture, it is impossible to state that there are

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hfematocele, a true sclerosis of the organ resulting in such

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clinic in process of building, Dr. Durante instituted some

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reflex way. In illustration, he mentioned a case of

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escape, which was doubtless owing to the opening being

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vertised as " Diabetic " are all, comparatively speaking,

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results. Over eight hundred letters were sent out to the