ing away like cotton-wool when pulled upon, and it was
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wound. A dressing of salicyHc ointment, spread on lint
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and hence suSer differently when affected by their loss ;
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peared she has been a faithful attendant at the different
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motion nor absolute fixation, it certainly is fi.xative to a verv consid-
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be the pad of clay which I place upon the abdomen ;
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1 cannot better sum up this part of my subject than by
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breaks down after rec-very, leading to the production of
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that he had never seen a case of syphilis advance to the
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at least, to their greater exposure to \'icissitudes of climate
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digestion. It increases proteid metabolism and the ex-
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■writers. These renal sjTnptoms, like the pulmonary symp-
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man people. He said that sj'philis increased markedly in
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tum ;" Dr. Orlando Jones read a paper " On a New Rem-
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there is always a certain allowance to be made for the re-
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medical convention of Ohio at Columbus. Of the great
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corpuscles often project from the margin of the wall, and
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7. The ice-bag to the head is useless, save in subse-
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Rotation of 'the vertebral bodies, causing the convexity
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jection is raised to their reception. Fumigating stations
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tained. He reviewed the causes of partial anchylosis.
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well-marked case of harehp on tlie right side, with cleft
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In the morning the skin should be anointed with a one
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causes of valve disease was considered. The futility of
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culation within the cranium and leaves no post-mortem
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for exact physical examination already involved, partic-
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fever in this city for many years, and no case has ever
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generally in run-down, intemperate persons and unhealthy
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wounded part, the right man attends to the litter, etc.
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Tympanites and T-vmpanitis. — The indiscriminate use
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smell of it was not as pure as it should be. They expect-
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Keil, and Demonstration of the Physical Examination of
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latter condition, which was relieved by operation. Scheck's
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