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March of the present year the patient came under the

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nancy, and had complained, ever since the first days of this

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attention. Many use chloral early and anesthetics late m

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spicuously displayed. Physicians acknowledge in their

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wrong. The condition is therefore one of paraphasia with

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in midwinter, in this city at least, for it is well known that

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ter is necessary ; if atony and apathy, order sea-bathing

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contrasted extremely with one from a case of typhoid

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"I have alluded to the subject from another point ol view in a paper

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nary use has a complex mental substratum, which ma\- be

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tile therapeutics is rarely at fault, confesses to a repug-

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plained of great depression of the nervous system. There

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stomach, he experienced only a slight sense of discomfort;

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he said, was not described by writers as far back as the

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she was under my treatment for leucorrhoea, an ailment

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become swollen and very tender. The pharynx was nor-

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from all parts of the world, these cases have been sent to

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Dr. Ferguson, referring to the first specimen presented,

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forgotten, and many a patient can do mathematical cal-

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is the seat of disease, and it is difficult to reach it with

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leading to the temporal convolutions, in distinction from

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direction of the Acting Secretary of War will report in

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All aseptic and antiseptic precautions were observed.

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as Jenner pointed out, in rare instances they may present

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or her foot in the wet sand of the sea-shore, and then

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In its present imperfect form, however, O'Dwyer's pro-

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when refracture occurs, it is the bone and not the liga-

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brought to the surgeon, and how often extensive adhe-

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influence in giving direction to anatomical and patholog-

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5 Headaches : Their Nature, Causes, and Treatment. Am. Ed.,