ature of nervous diseases. The study of patients who

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Having ascertained tliat the flies ingested and passed

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mencing dilatation is observed, and the patient must be

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formation being due to a so-called 'maternal impression.'

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ological anatomy, and the microscopical examination of

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and the vomited matters are highly acid. The intestinal

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surroundings of the people. These cases are about even-

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years' history of repeated attacks of retention, requiring

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5. A very careful and painstaking examination of the

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come into play ; but for the recognition of human l)lood

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extracapsular portions of the neck of the femur. On

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spasm ; these \iews were hence, in part, the antithesis of

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of the medical profession on legislation, and said that this

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aged fifty-six, dead of morb. br., with embolism of the

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When I saw him he was tossing from side to side, strug-

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Of the 265 cases there were 53 of crushed fingers, or

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tenotomy, provided ordinary care as to aseptic precau-

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patient was a man aged thirty-nine, under the care of Dr.

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is sufficient, although two and often six hours are required

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no matter what joint, should be treated by fixation and

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Patent Foramen Ovale and in Imperfect Ventricular Sep-

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Philadelphia Society publicly acknowledge that they " owe

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this swelling has only recently appeared, and that prior to

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spots returned upon the back. The staining produced

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President of the Army Medical E.xamining Board, New

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where the convulsion becomes most marked. Of course

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the term " megrims " used by common people to desig-

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electrometer were recorded photographically. The rec-

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parasitic as well as keratoplastic propertie.=, and there is

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wagon to the Rostock Infirmary, after a journey of over