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the University of Pennsylvania. About 1838 he began
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presence of morbid conditions of the naso-phar}iigeal
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sirable that some legislative action should be taken by the
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essary to pronounce a word, the second by the practice
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cent. — and 2 had not completed their examinations at
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eration going on in the brain, a sort of sclerosis, perhaps.
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caseoma ; 2, simple caseo-tuberculosis ; 3, suppurative
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their vitality. I am inclined to think that purulent otitis
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membrane being incised, a considerable portion of the
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mony will cause emesis, or that croton oil will produce
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sure ; we therefore give the joint motion, the amount of
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the terminal nerve-filaments in the nasal chambers, which
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also often involved, as is shown clinically by their increase
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the Dry Method," T. A. Means, M.D., Montgomery, Ala. ;
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makes me satisfied in my restlessness. Had this woman's
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were familiar, and different also from the usual malarial
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contained the tubercular virus in an attenuated form.
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Catha Edulis is the nSme of a plant found in Eastern
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tion; cough very little. Evening temperature normal;
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The first case was one of removal of a large tumor from
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IS found involving both the temporal and the angular
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cutting down and wiring the patella. He declined the
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can ethnology, or the history of the development of dif-
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for improvement by education. But what distinguishes
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have not only been successfully diagnosed, but the brain
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nervous disease in Scotland, and scarcely any gout in that
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erly fumigated. Dr. Conant, the attending physician, rec-
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the bone, and not in the muscle, it was clear that treat-
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seized with acute pleurisy, of which he died. The local
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remedy par excellence is divithion of the muscle. It may
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tion of the many artificial foods which are pressed upon
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