electrode be reduced to a very trifling length ; though,
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poses to add to it a medical department during the com-
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could be retained. The patient refused her consent to
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Cadiz, Spain. Between this date and 1800 it appeared in
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was just beginning to involve the upper lobe. His tem-
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section for this complication, up to 1880, with a maternal
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the initial lesion and collateral sympathy, one strong hope
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in a verj' weak condition. There was no appetite, the
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my care not a small group of women from fifty-five to
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The extent to which the fasciae and tendons are sepa
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Contracted a general cold which settled in his eyes. He
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relief to distressing symptoms of very long continuance,
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of the profession, while the public have been asking, " Is
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of silver solution, eight grains to the ounce, is then applied
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latter cavity was completely filled — with the exception of
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tested that he was well and wished to abandon treatment.
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have in such cases a supplementary expedient in galvano-
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tation. Stromeyer, however, feeling convinced that the
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posit in her urine. During her first pregnancy, nine years
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was in a very small degree, if at all, cultivated according
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changes in the early stages of neuritis were near the con-
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a room set apart for the purpose under the charge of
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injections were seldom called for. Wounds of the genital
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ation, however, he contented himself with one ligature,
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drops four days later. Here the emigrative tendency of
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slip. She said he did not touch the ground ; but it was
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air of different localities varies a great deal in the number
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selves. In trying to reach a diagnosis the probabilities
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and whose case he had reported at the last meeting of
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from the investigations of other inquirers had been
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case a very wrong thing, but he had never felt quite sat-
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may become atrophic, if not already in that condition,
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limbs was leaWng him, and at the end of a second min-