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Bouchard, have been of most value in this line, and Dr.
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related an interesting and successful case, in which he
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discuss the question of antiseptics in connection with this
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fracture to cut down with the strictest and fullest antisep-
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that the primary heart cavity was not the homologon of
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ple expansion or contraction followed by expansion,
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in part mentioned by Mr. Victor Horsley but not de-
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causes the latter to be so bent or constricted that it can
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seized with aural dressing-forceps and removed. Should
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That which is true for the .South of France or for Algiers
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man and Haushalter discuss the subject of abscess of the
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pulsating exophthalmos cured by ligation of the com-
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severe and persistent. Sometimes a severe attack would
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'' Cranial and Intracranial Injuries," Mr. Bryant empha-
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rotomy. I always have my instruments ready for lapa-
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to its margin. He reports 5 cases in detail, all of which
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merchants," the latter better than " professional men and
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it, which notoriously increases and perpetuates the ine-
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the fine filamentous opacities swept in every direction by
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aged twenty-four, called to see me to have his left wrist
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bronchial membranes, thus affording a good nidus for the
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and is murky, and when first passed never shows the
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cuted according to the directions already given. The side
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^Dr. Taylor, of San Antonio, Tex., thought that al-
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often occur without involving the membrana tympani ;
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children's children, the one specific in the disease !
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ent. There is proof of this in cases in which, after