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Wolfier has pointed out the value of transplantations of

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^ Tiie drug is still very expensive, tlie usual dose, 2.0, costing

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ligamentum patellae, the result is an increase of the kick,

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to three-quarters of an inch from their origins. Their

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charge for such measurements in a government establish-

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produce accumulations which obstruct the canal to a

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He said that the clinical memoranda should include the

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lute health may cause them to increase in number greatly.

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be placed. After the completion of the operation, the

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subject shows much diversity of opinion as to methods.

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of these Saraogis suffered from cancer of the breast. Out

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knife. Dr. Fenwick then described his own operation by

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from wide separation of the fragments, there is a general

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Dr. Taylor, of San Antonio, emphasized the value of