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Drs. J. E. Janvrin, of New York ; A. H. Baker, of Bos-

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vous system was thoroughly demoralized by malaria, and

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The successive stages of the operation are thus de-

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five be appointed to consider this subject of yellow fever,

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or fatty change in the muscles, and particularly in the heart,

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pic, and their brains suffer a corresponding deformity.

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limbs could not be warmed, she did not sleep, but was de-

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the fissure of Rolando. A few bony prominences deserve

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ing an opportunity for feeding while the tube is out.

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aches ; loss of appetite ; is afraid that sleeplessness will

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at Washington, D. C, and ordered to duty at Fort Keogh,

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the douche the vagina was finally cleansed. Oiled cotton

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had the misfortune to fall in the same manner and again

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children point with pride ! Had it been otherwise, a

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then nearly one-fourth of the graduates of our American

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ment or indicated a morally abnormal man, but thought

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course of affections excited by other micro-organisms.

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returned the intestines to the abdominal cavity, it was

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eleven hernias thus operated upon, five were cured, four