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not confined to hypochondriacal or hysterical subjects,

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masses of epithelium. After a time, in some places, the

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the hands are at times lacerated, owing to the severe

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dominion, into the pleural cavity, for instance, where a

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no contraction of the flexors had occurred in his experi-

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the stroma being at the same time hyperplasic. — The Lan-

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that on September 6th she was without strength ; her pulse

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covering of the metallic stem of the electrode. M, Handle of the

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cal or clinical differences, and that this might be valuable

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of cellular tissue, whether connective tissue or epithelial,

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they made the examination, and squabbled a good deal

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disease we should look upon the physical condition as a

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the causative relation of the continued high temperature

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ings are especially prolific of secretory and septic material.

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erable extent. The dura mater may be separated for a

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dried quickly. Blood that has dried slowly undergoes

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copper leaving the supernatant hquid clear. The re-

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and signs of impaired health were usually present. The

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a judicious massage. Under no circumstance, as is too

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This apparatus, or rather the modification of Dr. Roh-

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As Liebermeister has well observed, " The more one be-

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eral, Medical Director of the Department. Will proceed

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appreciated being a little less than half an inch for that

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battalion of 2d Artillery, now at Fort Wadsworth, New

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thousand having been taken from eight diff'erent per-

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the application in such a manner as to produce the most

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most exacting sjTnptom, is referred to some portion of the

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cities. In the expression " modem living " much is em-

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eating, drinking, or nervous excitement without exciting a