toe was not perfectly straightened the woman was able
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twenty minutes. Admiral Beaufort, however, was always
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the vagina. He exhibited a dilating trocar, resembling a
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normal constrictions in the urethra demonstrated by Weir
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means were used. The treatment is not original, though
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beyond the intima, surrounding it, and by their translu-
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symptoms differ from one due to polio-myelitis anterior.
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cine of Paris, the Army Medical Museum has the advan-
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cutta, HowTah, and the suburbs, dwelling especially on the
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Oesophagus unaffected. Inflammatory destruction of the
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following suggestions, which may indicate the way we are
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matter has been so arranged that all material relating to
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doubt on Dr. Warren's idea that the small reinforcements
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day the changes are still more marked, and at about the
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firm, those on the right side forming a solid confluent tu-
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moves the itching and, later on, removes the scales.
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I RECENTLY read ' that an American of wealth was estab-
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obtained for four days. During all this time, again, there
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German and French anatomists in regard to co-ossifica-
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In excising the ankle-joint I make an external incision
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low the sigmoid flexure, provided the surgeon has a small
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and the uterus. Another form is that which is treated as
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were, nevertheless, limited, as extravasation, calcification,
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their normal position when brought into place, as was
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ing they are thrown out, ejected from the circulation, un-
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This patient died suddenly, and no autopsy could be ob-
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carried into practical effect must be hailed by the medi-
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we should take proper precautions against the spread of
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the museum and library such as a great profession and a
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shows the same conditions in a considerably increased de-
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(102.2^ F.); evening, 40.3° 0.(104.5° F.) ; pulse, 134,
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Avenue ; American Physiological Society, Army Medical
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eye has failed of late. Had a chancre nine years ago.
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formation of pus, the primary condition being a suppu-
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had existed for years, at least, in the position from which
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each other before they are actually made. There is need